Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's the AMAZING rachel machel bachel facial

Good Day All,
Who would actually find this site? I don't think I'll tell anyone about it and if you have found this site, you are also AMAZING. Look! Colours! Isn't it beautiful?

Blue: (The Humor)
Last night, at 6:00, Richard took me to Frank & Sons because I wanted to find a Natalie Portman Movie Poster. When I got there it was like ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FLASHBACKS! It was amazing, but I felt different in there. I wasn't those nerdy Pokemon Card Collectors anymore but a Movie Actress Fanatic. =] So I remembered when I was little about this section/store in there that sell's movie posters. I went to that place and IT WAS STILL THERE. The good news was I FOUND THE POSTER! the bad news was it was on "display" hanging very high above the ground. I spent 30 minutes searching for posters, couldn't find any besides the display one of "Leon; The Professional" I asked the worker there if I could buy it and then she said, "Yeah, sure. But You have to wait for the owner to get back. 20 Minutes later, the owner comes back and I ask her if I could by it, she said "Are you sure its not in the P section maybe it's in the L for Leon section., Well, I don't sell that poster it's too high." So, I spent about an hour at Frank & Son's for nothing besides learning the fact that they don't have anything there. Then Richard brought me to Blockbusters to buy any films of Natalie Portman. Spent 20-30 minutes there. Couldn't find anything at all. Wasted 1 hour and a half.

Purple: (It's so Ironic)
After spending 1 hour and half coming back empty handed I still had TONS of Math Homework to do. I finished most of it, but I had 17 problems to go. So, I took a nap. That 10 minutes of nap lead into 20 minutes and next thing you know it was 5:00 in the MORNING! When i woke up at 5:00 I was so lazy I gave myself 10 more minutes but the next thing you know it was 6:40! Got up and started to panic. My mom found out I didn't finish so she said i could do it till 7:30 and she would drive me to school instead of my brother and the usual time of 7:10. So got to school at 7:25 and then I still had to graph my homework. Which was like 4- 6 problems? At lunch time I went to the library and finished it there. Then 5th period, Math Analysis. Went up and Larissa told me we had a SUB! Then In class the sub said that our Homework wasn't due till tomorrow! WOW! Weird. Kinda feel stupid. LOL but it is all good.

Burgandy: (The conflict)
I've noticed I don't look up to anyone at school anymore. =[ Besides my publication's friends. But they're a different species. =] I just don't care anymore. I don't care about alot of things and I know it's bad that I don't. But I'm not in the mood to think about things like that. I know for a fact, I can't control people and I wont. I'm not going to say anything at all and truthfully in my head I think I am pretty pissed off. However, now I don't say anything about it and I sit and think to myself. Is this fair for who ever i do not care for anymore. It's better off that way. Should they be able to do what they feel, they have every right to. Then I think about one thing good that could come out of it and then i feel better. Anyway, i rather have my head wonder then knowing the truth. Yeah, it's arrogant. But you know, it's worse if i knew it was a fact. I don't hate it, I don't care at all. I just lost something pretty cool but isn't magnificant to me anymore.

Pink: (A development)
Did I spell development right? Eh, oh well. Well, I've also noticed I don't say everything that's in my head to people anymore. Like when I'm having a conversation or walking with someone. I think of it and then I think, why would someone want to know this about me? or like... It's not that important or haha, they don't have to know. Then I just shut up for a while and I end up not saying much. The good part is I forget what i want to say. =] So, the thought, idea or story is gone and that's one less thing someone doesn't have to know ... about me. It's sad to know I don't turn to anyone anymore. It's pretty nice though.

Green: (My feelings)
Right now, I feel pretty happy and confused. I'm having a blast with school and people. Like Mariko, Jenn, and other people I don't usually talk to. They are so interesting and unique but in some ways the same. I like school, I like walking home, I like my music & I love watching movies. =]

The Natlie Portman Movie List I have watched recently
-Garden State
-Star Wars II
-Leon; The Professional

To conclude
My birthday is coming up! YAY! I'm so excited. 15 people. Big number, it rounds to 20. =] I don't mind growing up, grown ups have more power to help the world. Well, I don't know if i should have a party, dinner party, or hang out. Actually I don't want one, I just want to do my own things for the weekend. Watch Natalie Portman, Jude Law, and Gael Garcia Bernal movies. If I did have a party it would be at a Vegetarian Resturant. Who would want to go? No one. I'm the only vegetarian I know at my age besides those religious people.

The Big Secret (If you guys get it for me you really do know who I am)
-DvD's with (Natalie Portman)
-Any Magazine. I like them alot
-Movie Posters!!! =]
-A book

Wow, thats about it. It's pretty simple. Now it's time to watch and see my disappointment in my "friends" . (Even though I know I'm not the best either, I try)